Live animal model courses are held at the Centro di Biotecnologie, Antonio Cardarelli Hospital in Naples, Italy, the venue where a most successful IMSS III took place in 2014.

The Centro di Biotecnologie (translated version here) specialises in microsurgical training, transplantation of pancreatic islet cells, malignant hyperthermia and many other fields of biomedicine. Their newly built headquarters (pictured) has three floors of laboratories, operating theatres and classrooms.

The Centre has been authorized by the Ministry of Health to use animals for experimental and scientific purposes and, therefore, is equipped with an animal housing facility which, under agreement, hosts about 5000 animals including mice, rats, and rabbits. The Centre has also been authorized by the Ministry of Health to breed these animals, and also has a Committee for Animal Experimentation Ethics composed of professionals from within
the Hospital as well as external components to whom any research or training project which involves the use of

experimental animals is presented for approval.

The activities of Centro di Biotecnologie extend into various fields:

  • Pre-clinical research, experimental models on large sized animals
  • National Centre for Malignant Hyperthermia
  • Educational Training in surgery and microsurgery
  • Animal Housing and Breeding Facilities
  • Metabolic and Structural Imaging (IMS)
  • International Collaboration
  • E-learning
The closest metro station to Hospital Cardarelli is “Policlinico” (Line 1). From the Historical Centre is on Piscinola Direction. Inside Policlinico station, follow the direction for Cardarelli exit. The entrance is at passing 6 (V6 on the map). The Centre of Biotechnologies is the last building on the left at the end of the boulevard.